50Kg of food, water, ammo or other cargo


Remote mining with TM 62 Holder for two mines

Medical Evacuation

Additional extension to carry 120 KG

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Why Plastun

The most mobile and universal robotic platform among other available options

Multipurpose applications
  • Universal Frame: Connect extensions for various applications.

  • Interchangeable Components: Enhance versatility and simplify maintenance.

  • Industry Standard: Compatible batteries and connectors.

  • Customizable: Easily develop your own applications.

High mobility
  • High Mobility: Handles sand, mud, and 45° inclines.

  • Advanced Suspension: Independent suspension with 4x4 drive.

  • Compact Design: Fits in the trunk of a regular car.

  • Lightweight: Weighs only 35 kg, easily carried by two people.

  • Quick Deployment: Ready to use in just 30 seconds.


Рептилоїд сумісний із більшістю сучасних рішень по звязку та платформами Пластун

  • Підтримує протоколи ERLS, RDF

  • Переналаштування робочої частоти, ППРЧ

  • TX 16 пульт керування

  • Управління котушкою оптоволоконного кабелю (опційно)

Тактичне застосування
  • 10 Km на одному заряді батареї (12s3p)

  • 10 Km радіус управління та телеметрії

  • 25 Km/H Max Speed


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Customer reviews

Discover what our clients think about Plastun

We use plastun to quickly deliver water, ammo and food supply. It is quiet and fast, really great if you need to do something quickly.

Boroda, 5th Brigade

We are able to plant 24 mines within 2 hours with the help of plastun. Doing it with bare hand we would have been a nightmare

Dunai, 46 Brigade


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